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Water Damage Restoration

pict1-150x150We all know how essential water is to life on Earth. Without it, life would be impossible.

There are times, however, when water seems to be not that friendly to your life, especially in cases of flooding in your home or business. Even just a few inches of water in any spot in your property can already cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage. That figure could get even higher the longer you wait before you call a Phoenix water damage restoration company.

There are a number of ways water can find its way to areas in your property where it isn’t supposed to be. Heavy rains can bring on the flooding. So can broken pipes or leaking faucets or showers. The most horrible cause of flooding in your property, of course, would be an overflowing toilet or sewer. One whiff of that sewage water flooding areas of your home or business that isn’t the toilet should make you pick up that phone right away and call for the best water damage restoration Phoenix AZ has to offer.

Whatever caused the flooding, you have to deal with it immediately because the extent of the water damage can be extreme, and will only get worse by the minute. Aside from affecting walls, floors, and other parts of the building itself, water damage can also hit furniture, appliances, and other objects inside the property. Most people whose properties have been affected by water damage often had no choice but to dispose of clothing, carpets, drapery, and other stuff.

Mitigating the water damage isn’t the only reason why you have to hire at once a company that performs the kind of flood restoration Phoenix residents have come to trust. The longer the standing water and the moisture linger in the affected part your property, the bigger the risk of creating the perfect environment for mold and bacteria. All that water can be a potential health hazard for you and your family if you don’t act fast.

At ASAP Restoration, we make it our mission to help any home or business owner with water damage issues. We provide the safest, quickest, and most efficient water damage restoration Arizona has to offer. With our 24-hour emergency restoration services, we can readily dispatch our technicians to your property the moment your call comes in. We know the importance of dealing quickly with water damage, so you can expect our technicians to hit the ground running as soon as they reach your property. It is their mission to mitigate your loss and bring your home or business back to pre-loss conditions, and they will exert every effort to make that a reality by the time their work is done.

Water Damage Categories

Before we start with our water restoration efforts, we need to determine under which category the water damage falls. There are three water damage categories:

Category 1: Clean Water – Water damage caused by water originating from a clean and sanitary source such as water lines, faucets, showerheads, and drinking fountains falls under Category 1 since it does not pose a health hazard to humans.

Category 2: Gray Water – Water damage is classified as category 2 if the water came from sources that have an elevated level of contamination and may cause discomfort or sickness if humans are exposed to it. Washing machines, dishwashers, urinals, or toilet overflow with urine (no fecal matter) are considered sources of gray water.

Category 3: Black Water – Black water is the most unsanitary of all, as it contains pathogenic or disease-causing agents. Sewage and other contaminated water sources fall under category 3.

When evaluating the extent of the damage, we consider all critical factors, mainly time and temperature. If category 1 water is not removed immediately from the affected area, it could be reclassified as category 2. Category 2 water, meanwhile, could also degrade into category 3.

ASAP Restoration LLC provides the best flood restoration Phoenix AZ has to offer. Before we start the restoration process, we make sure that all water is within the appropriate moisture content and the site is clean, decontaminated, and disinfected.

Our solutions for water damage are thorough, regardless of the size of the water damage.